Jenner Area Joint Sewer Authority


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Jennerstown, PA 


Business Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Mon-Fri

Our Offices are located in the Jennerstown Municipal Building

The Jenner Area Joint Sewer Authority (JAJSA) is a joint municipal corporation formed under The Municipalities Authorities Act of 1945. JAJSA was incorporated in 1970 by the Boroughs of Jennerstown and Boswell, along with Jenner Township.  The Authority was formed because it was determined that none of the individual municipalities involved could afford the expense of constructing a public sanitary sewer system for their individual municipalities.  It was concluded after full review that if the three municipalities joined forces, they could afford to establish a system throughout the entire area at an expense which would be affordable to citizens. 

The initial construction began on August 10, 1975 beginning with the construction of the collection network of sanitary sewer lines in Jennerstown Borough, the Village of Jenners, Ferrellton, and Jenner Crossroads and only a few portions of Boswell.  Four pumping stations and the main sewage treatment plant were also part of the first phase of construction.  The system became fully operational as of July 1, 1978.

Today the system has grown to include most of Boswell Borough, the Village of Acosta, Gray, sections of Laurel Mountain Village, and additional portions of Jenner Township not included in the original construction. The original sewage treatment is now capable of handling 900,000 gallons of sewage per day plant continues in operation with the addition of a flow equalization tank incorporated into the flow stream.   Currently the collection system has 371,296 feet of piping and 10 pumping stations serving approximately 1875 active customers. 


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